New Home Custom Builder in Lithia Florida


Ask us how you can apply a large portion of your real estate commissions to the cost of your new home and keep your equity in your pocket!

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Custom Home Advantages


A custom builder allows you to make changes to your home's design that larger national builders are unable to do. Instead of having a few options, you have total control in designing your new home. With track home builders, every third or fourth home on the street looks just like your home and individuality is lost. Southern and Traditional Homes can help you design the perfect home "just for you."

Another concern when purchasing from volume builders is quality. How can we "value engineer" our product line? While quality is a major concern for them, cutting corners becomes profitable business when volume is added to the equation. Every dime is scrutinized with the bottom line in view. They have a commitment to their shareholders for profitability. Competition with other large national builders also forces them to compete at the bare minimum standard of construction.

S & T Homes goes well above the acceptable county standard of construction as shown in our 10 Extra Steps. Not all new homes are created equally and this becomes more and more noticeable as the years go by. Maintenance and repair bills can skyrocket on a poorly constructed home.

When choosing a custom builder you have many more selections from which to choose. Trim, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, can all be substituded with a product of your choice. There is no reason not to be totally satisfied with your new home.

We offer a custom home at a great price! This means high value to you. With everything Southern and Traditional Homes is able to offer, purchasing a home elsewhere just doesn't make sense.